Piping accessories is important for connecting the pipes in the plant, Pan Asian is able to provide piping accessories to different international standard.

  • Flange adaptor is important for the pipe to be connected to the valves, pump and other process equipment
  • Coupling can be used for connection of pipe to pipe of same or different material.
  • Dismantling joint are important for maintenance of plant. For big size pipe and fitting, the Dismantling joint will allows enough space for removal and installation of the fitting or equipment.

The selection of the accessories are important, for example,

  • The seal is the only part that are in contact with the piping and shall be produce from internationally recognise standard such as EN 681, where emphasis are made on key parameter for sealing. We are able to do the seal in:
    • EPDM,
    • Viton,
    • Nitrile,
    • NBR, and
    • Other elastomer upon request
  • The coating of the accessories are also important to prevent premature failure due to corrosion or unsuitable material. Our accessories are available in:
    • Rilsan Coating
    • Fusion Bonded Epoxy