The objective of screening, amongst others, is to separate and to protect the station or the process from possible arrival of large object, to separate and evacuate easily the voluminous matters, etc.

The operation, generally discontinuous, of the cleaning device can be powered by means of an electric timer, or better, by a different charge loss indicator. The combination of both systems can also be used.

This equipment is recommended for screening equipment with continuous and automatic cleaning and which is installed in waterways of great depth. Cleaning is carried out by means of a brush that detaches and transports the solid waste deposited in the screen, lifting and discharging it in the upper part and into a container, transporting band, screw conveyor, hydraulic compactor, etc.

The chain is powered by cog wheels and moves over rollers on their respective guides, which maintain the chain centered and dynamically stable. The maintenance consists simply of periodical lubrication and in the upper part there is a tensor to perfectly adjust to the chain.