The ROTADISC Micro Sieve is a very robust, mono block piece of equipment designed for micro solids filtration, with a minimum mesh of 10 microns and maximum 1000 microns.

Due to its compact and resistant design, this equipment can work without any problems during 24 hours for a long period of time and without requiring any type of maintenance. The ROTADISC Micro Sieve can be provided in a compact version or ready for civil work installation.

The ROTADISC disc filter has a filtering mesh with a self-cleaning pressurized water system. The equipment has parallel lined revolving discs along a horizontal axis. The discs are submerged up to 65% in the filtered water. Each disc is made up from several meshed stainless steel segments through which the water flows from inside out. The obtained filtering exits the front side of the equipment. The particles remain retained on the mesh and descend by the effect of gravity. Over time, the particles accumulate on the mesh until the established maximum pressure differential is attained and the washing cycle is activated. While the discs slowly turn, water jets shoot water towards the mesh, dragging the solids to a hopper situated in the central of the equipment. The same filtered water can also be used as washing water. The filtering continues during the washing cycle.