Grabber Screen

Screen design is deem simple but there are some consideration such as: Flow and oscillation behaviour, risk of clogging, (self-)cleaning capability, fish-friendliness

We deliver screens that are precisely matched to your purposes:

  • Vertical, horizontal or curved,
  • Variety of profiles
  • Material & Coating
  • Appropriate bar spacing down to 5 mm

Raking Screen

The Bar Screen with hydraulic raking system offers possibilities in terms of kinematics and control. The design can take care of the debris and sediment in front of the screen and the machine can be turn in different direction. The system can be operated manually or fully automatic.

The Trash Rack Cleaners are quiet and environmentally friendly. The Ingenious concept of cleaning and control variants increase efficiency and reliability. Our multi prong approach to Redundancy safety concept guarantees optimum operational reliability.

Rotating Drum screen

With the complete range of product that handle solids, we do not fear debris but we do not like the additional work & cost of handling such debris. Hence the rotating Drum screen is constantly rotating and ensuring clear passage way for the debris. Such concept are very efficient in cleaning maintaining a clear river intake.