The first stage of the waste water treatment process, both urban as well as industrial, consists of a mechanical pretreatment. In such pretreatment we include: elimination of solids (screening or fine screening); grit elimination (grit removal); elimination of grease (grease removal). The compact plant allows all the above treatment stages to be carried out within the single piece equipment.

Waste water is first introduced into the system through the tube via the entry flange. The solids found in the liquid are trapped in the screen and washed by a series of powerful and efficient nozzles to eliminate most of the existing organic substances.

In the upper level of the screen, the solids undergo compacting and dehydration before they are discharge in a container or plastic bag. The liquid which travels through the screen enters a hopper where, optimized by the introduction of air, sedimentation takes place of the existing grit. A conveyor deals with dehydration and discharges it into the container designed for this purpose.

In the same hopper, the “floating process takes place of the existing grease substances and an appropriate device takes care of dehydrating them and discharges them into a container.