Water Meter is NOT JUST a mechanical device that measures the amount of water being used by a consumer, it is the principal measuring instrument for fluid movement with a pipeline.  It allows utilities, plants & factories globally, come to an in-principle agreement for the volume of fluid/s used.

Ever since more countries are being developed, water meters are widely used around the world to measure the volume of water used by commercial or residential building. To the point that it is now meeting the requirements of the many

main global water utilities worldwide and manufacturing in excess and increasingly, more than three million meters every year. Of which, 15% and increasingly are changing to using Ultrasonic & radio modules for automatic meter reading (AMR).

Our production of water meters are carried out in Accredia accredited laboratory located at both West Europe - Italy and Germany - with highly automated 4.0 lines and 28 certified production test benches, from DN 15 to DN 400 mm. All instruments are certified according to the MID directive and comply with the main international health certifications.

Pan Asian, today, is MADDALENA’s partner for the SEA regions - offering the widest selection in choice of sizes, length options and various measurement principles to satisfy all application needs with the ultimate goal of saving energy.


Application fields

All water meters, both mechanical and electronic, ensure the highest performance in terms of precision, solidity and flexibility of use that meets the requirements of public utilities in different markets and different application fields:

For e.g.

  • Bulk meters for distribution network
  • Small and medium size utility meters for domestic and commercial
  • Small size residential meters for cold and hot water



We are proudly certified accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.


All our measuring instruments are certified according to the MID Directive and hold all main international health certifications.

The company has an in-house calibration laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA.



Maddalena is the only Italian company member of Aqua, the European Association of Water and Heat Meters Manufacturers.  As a witness to its commitment to IoT and the new LPWAN technologies, Maddalena is also a member of a number of international associations promoting their development and use.