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Pan Asian Holdings Limited is integrated water piping systems solutions provider supporting primarily the water purification and wastewater treatment infrastructure development industry mainly in the Southeast Asian region. We are involved in the manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of pipes, fittings, valves and other related accessories. We also provide fabrication and technical consultancy services.

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Benefits of Ductile Iron

In 1949, ductile iron was discovered when flaky graphite in cast iron was changed into a spheroidal shape by the addition of some magnesium to molten iron. The maintenance of the iron matrix resulted in an iron with excellent ductility, flexibility and impact resistance.

Most governmental bodies today overseeing water infrastructure across the world prefer Ductile Iron pipes for the following reasons :

  • High strength and excellent impact resistance, especially since pipes are usually laid under roads with heavy traffic;
  • Ductile iron pipe joints have flexibility and can adapt to ground movement;
  • Jointing works of ductile iron pipes can be easily done and maintenance cost over the long term is minimal;
  • Ductile iron is corrosion resistant for a life span of 50 years;
  • Can withstand very high pressure on pumping mains; and
  • The total cost of ductile iron pipes in the long term is more economical than pipes of other materials used in similar applications.
Underground water ductile iron supply pipelines
In-tunnel piping

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